Traffic Signs and Frames

Custom Traffic Signs & Custom Road Signs for your Neighborhood

Custom road signs and custom traffic signs for residential neighborhoods play a vital role in a community's image, perceived value and overall safety. Signature Streetscapes works with our customers to design custom road signs, custom traffic signs, neighborhood signs, and wayfinding or directional signage that help establish a uniform and attractive feel through the development. Signature Streetscapes uses only rust-free aluminum and stainless steel components to ensure your ornamental traffic signs will continue to maintain their original quality. Reflective signage that meets all DOT & MUTCD requirements is available in both engineer grade and High Intensity Prismatic applications depending on your project needs. By combining selected neighborhood signs with our ornamental sign posts, decorative post finials and pole base options, you will give your neighborhood the look and feel you desire. With the additional option of adding cast aluminum powder coated street sign frames, you can further enhance and protect your neighborhood signs while adding strength, style and durability.

Step One: Choose Your Neighborhood Signs

Signature Streetscapes manufactures a variety of standard traffic, warning and caution neighborhood signs. See the styles below or download the quote form to view a master list of available sign styles. We have the capability to produce custom traffic signs to meet your exact needs. Many of the most popular size road signs can be enhanced even further with our cast aluminum traffic sign frames shown in STEP 2. Custom Traffic Signs & Custom Road Signs are manufactured using your choice of Engineer Grade or 3M High Intensity Prismatic vinyl for maximum sign reflectivity. Our traffic signs meet all DOT and MUTCD requirements, call us for more information.

Stop Sign- Traffic Sign

Stop Sign

  • 24” (R1-1-24) 
  • 30” (R1-1-30)
    36" (R1-1-36)
Yield Sign-Traffic Sign

Yield Sign

  • 24” (R1-2-24)
  • 30” (R1-2-30)
Do Not Enter- Road Sign

Do Not Enter

  • 24” (R5-1-24)
  • 30” (R5-1-30)
All Way- Road Sign

All Way

Speed Limit- Road Signs

Speed Limit

  • 12” x 18” (R2-1-18)
  • 18” x 24” (R2-1-24)
    24" x 30" (R2-1-30)
One Way- Traffic Signs

One Way Sign

12” x 18” (R6-2-18 L/R)
18” x 24”(R6-2-24 L/R)
24" x 30" (R6-2-30 L/R)

Keep Left/Right- Traffic Sign

Keep Left/Right

  • 12” x 18” LEFT (R4-8)
  • 12” x 18” RIGHT(R4-7)
No Parking- Road Sign

No Parking

Pedestrian Crossing- Neighborhood Sign

Pedestrian Crossing

24” (HWIIA-2)
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Golf Cart Crossing- Neighborhood Sign

Cart Crossing

Reserved Parking Handicap Sign

Reserved Parking

Fire Lane Sign

Fire Lane

Van Accessible, Info Signs

Info Signs

Children At Play- Neighborhood Signs

Children at Play

Handicapped Parking Sign

Handicap Parking

Step Two: Optional Cast Aluminum Traffic Sign Frames

These sign frames, when combined with our decorative aluminum sign posts and finial caps, help create the regal look you desire within your community. Builders and developers looking to add a distinct and classic feel throughout the neighborhood choose this added design feature. Sign backs can be covered to match the sign frame and post for a consistent look. Cast Aluminum Traffic Sign Frames enhance and protect the traffic signs for maximum durability. Economical Faux Traffic Sign Frame Trims are also available, see our catalog for details.

Diamond Traffic Sign Frame


18"  SF-DM01
 24"  SF-DM02
 30"  SF-DM03


Rectangle Traffic Sign Frame


 12x6  SF-RT01
 12x18  SF-RT02
 18x24  SF-RT03
 24x30  SF-RT04


Square Traffic Sign Frames


18"  SF-SQ01
24"  SF-SQ02
30"  SF-SQ03
Stop Sign Frame

Stop Sign

18"  SF-SS01
24"  SF-SS02
30"  SF-SS03
 36"  SF-SS04
Yield Sign Frame


24"  SF-YD01
30"  SF-YD02

"Faux Halo" frames

Faux Halo frames are an economical choice for creating a 2” wide frame appearance around outside edge of your traffic sign. Made from .080 aluminum and powder-coated black. Holes are pre-punched to match standard sign hole locations. 

Faux Halo Traffic Sign Frame






12” x 6”










12” x 18”










18” x 24”