Cast Plaques

Custom Aluminum or Bronze Memorial Plaques & Commemorative Plaques

Signature Streetscapes is an industry leader in custom signs for commercial and residential communities and facilities. In addition to wayfinding, traffic, and address signs, we manufacture high quality bronze memorial plaques, aluminum or bronze dedication plaques, personalized memorial plaques, and commemorative plaques for commercial and private use. Whether you are seeking a custom bronze memorial plaque for a beloved pet, a commemorative plaque for your company, or a variety of dedication plaques for a university campus, Signature Streetscapes will work with you to create a beautiful cast aluminum or bronze plaque that will stand the test of time.

Step 1: Select Plaque Size and Shape

We can cast your commemorative plaque or custom bronze memorial plaque in any size or shape required. Please call us with your needs. Our designers will work with you to ensure your commemorative, memorial, or dedication plaque idea becomes a reality. We will also provide pricing and approval drawings upon request.

Step 2: Select a Material

Bronze or Aluminum?

Not sure whether to go with a cast aluminum or custom bronze plaque? Each material has distinct characteristics and advantages. Please call our customer service department for assistance in determining which material will work best for your particular application.

Step 3: Cast Plaque Border Options

Note: Beveled borders will increase the price due to additional finishing requirements, please see below.

Aluminum or Bronze Cast Plaque Border Options

Step 4: Plaque Mounting Options

Concealed Plaque Mounting


Expansion Sleeve Plaque Mounting

Expansion Sleeve

Toggle Bolt Memorial Plaque Mounting

Toggle Bolt

Woodscrew Cast Plaque Mounting


Step 5: Select a Font

Just a few possible font choices for your dedication plaque...


Font options for dedication plaques

Additional Cast Plaque Options

Custom Shape Personalized Plaque

Custom Shapes

Have a strange or unique shape? No problem! No additional setup or pattern charges will be added to your order. We can even help you create the artwork required to manufacture your commemorative or dedication plaque if you do not already have it.

Custom  Etched Metal Photo Plaque

Etched Metal Photo

This process uses a photo-sensitive aluminum sheet, available in natural aluminum or gold-tone, to apply to your aluminum or bronze memorial plaque. The photo is produced as a permanent black image on the plate. This method can be used in both interior and exterior applications.

Alumicolor Light UV Resistant Photo Plaques

Alumicolor Photos

Alumicolor technology embeds UV resistant dyes into the anodic layer of anodized aluminum and has applications limited only by the imagination. Call us for artwork requirements and prices.

Cast Aluminum and Custom Bronze Plaque Background Textures

Background Textures

All our cast aluminum and custom bronze plaques are manufactured with a standard leatherette background texture. Other textures are available upon request and include: pebble, travertine & sculptured. Call for details and prices.

Podium Style Mount for Bronze Memorial Plaques

Podium Style Mount

Podium style mounted plaques allow for angled viewing. Dedication plaques are secured to podiums with provided stainless steel hardware. A variety of post profiles and decorative options are available.

Custom Logo Plaque

Add Your Logo

Provide us with production ready artwork of your logo or special characters and we can cast them directly into your aluminum or custom bronze plaque, at no additional charge! Our precision casting process allows for even the finest details.

Hand Carved Bas Relief Photo/Graphic Reproduction Sculptures for Aluminum or Bronze Memorial Plaques

Bas Relief Sculpture

The ultimate option in premium photo and graphic reproduction for commemorative plaques. No other process can create the same rich detail our artists achieve by hand carving bas relief patterns. Once completed, a sand mold is made to cast the aluminum or bronze memorial plaque.

Raised Hand Painted Plaques

Raised Painted

Hand painted plaques and custom color matching is our specialty. We can paint your plaque to match exact specifications. Prices are determined by design and color requirements.

Add A Name Add-Plate Plaques

Add-Plate Plaques

Let us help you design an add-plate plaque that evolves over time. Names are cast on separate plates and added to the primary tablet as needed. Call us with your requirements and we can design it!

Post, Plate, and Decorative Cap Plaque Panel Mounts

Post & Panel Mount Plaques

Duel post sign mountings provide for unique site directional and identification solutions when combined with cast plaques. Customize further with post, base & decorative cap options. Call us and we can design it for you!

Custom Cast Plaque Image Gallery

custom cast bronze logos
classic series bronze tee sign
Blue Monster tee sign
cast aluminum tee signs ready to ship
cast bronze custom wedding plaque
cast bronze entrance sign
cast bronze with metal photo
cast bronze with 3d logo
custom cast aluminum signs
bronze address plaque lawn mounted
Arnold Palmer bas relief plaque
custom cast bronze golf tee sign
custom cast bronze plaque
custom cast bronze with metal photo
custom entrance sign with course logo
custom etched metal logo with plated finish
custom plaque with hand painted logo
dedication and memorial plaques
cast bronze dedication plaques
duel post mounted historical signs
hole map close up
moveable base with aluminum plaque
custom bronze tee sign
sculpted bas-relief plaque Calvin College
Custom designed plaque for large wall
bronze plaque with texture background
bronze with closeup of numbers
custom colored logo on bronze
custom add-plate bronze plaque
custom bronze with highly detailed logo
custom golf course tee signs
custom directional signs
custom golf course signage
Bronze logo plaque
exceptional detail in castings
cast bronze in-ground markings